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Proper Septic System Maintenance That Can Help Extend The Life Of Your System

Maintaining the septic system on your property is not overly challenging, but some things can make the system work better and last longer. Septic pumping is just one part of the maintenance required, but neglecting it can impact the rest of the system.

When To Pump

Septic pumping is one part of maintaining the septic tank that can be a little confusing. Most septic pumping services recommend pumping the tank out once every couple of years, and if the system is working correctly, it should not need more than that.

If you are unsure when the tank was last emptied, you should have a septic system contractor come and check the tank and system. If the tank is full, it may start to seep out of the top, and you may also experience slow drains or sewage backup in the house if there is no more room in the tank. 

Pumping The Tank

If you need septic pumping services to empty your septic tank, the process of removing the material from the tank is straightforward and only takes a few minutes. The septic pumping service will arrive with a pump truck and locate the tank cover on your property. If you know where the cover is, let the driver know, so they don't have to spend a lot of time looking for it. 

A long suction hose connects to a vacuum pump on the truck, and the driver will use the other end to clean the material out of the tank. Often liquid starts to escape from the tank because it is full of sludge, but the pumping service will extract the sludge and liquid together. The sludge is a normal part of the septic process, and because there is no place for it to go, pumping the tank is the only way to remove it. 

Tank Inspections

Once the septic pumping service removes the sludge and other materials from your septic tank, you should have the system inspected, especially if the tank needs pumping more than once a year. A septic system inspector can use a camera system to check the inside of the tank, the baffle system, inflow and outflow lines, and anything that could affect the system's performance. 

Once the inspection is complete, go over the results of it with the inspector, and discuss any repairs that the septic system needs. If the tank passes but is still filling up too fast, the tank may be too small for the home, and replacing it is the best way to avoid septic pumping several times a year to keep the tank empty. Contact someone like Curry Plumbing, Septic & Sewer in your area to learn more.