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Here's Why Your Septic Pump Might Be Clogged

Is your septic system suddenly not getting the job done? If it appears your septic pump is clogged, you are going to want to locate the source of the problem as quickly as you can before additional issues occur. Here are some of the reasons why your septic pump might be clogged and unable to get the job done and what you can do about it.

A Clog Due to Solid Buildup

Your septic tank needs to be pumped at least once a year or more frequently if you have a large family or send a lot of waste into the system. If you have not been pumping the tank on a regular basis, it's likely that your pump is now backed up and clogged due to too many solids in the system. Contacting a professional to pump the tank might be enough to repair the system but some additional investigation and cleanup might be necessary if solids have already overflowed out of the tank.

A Clog Due to Someone Flushing the Wrong Thing

It's possible to also have a septic pump failure due to someone flushing something they should never, ever flush down the toilet. Sanitary napkins or feminine hygiene products are a common source of trouble but essentially anything other than toilet paper could cause an issue. Never dispose of paper towels or facial tissues down the toilet as these will not dissolve as easily. If something like this is the source of your clog, you are going to need an expert to use a plumbing snake or other tools to repair the issue by pushing the clog out of the way.

A Clog Due to a Tree Root

Sometimes the clog is not your fault but the fault of something going on outside your house that you weren't even aware of. It's possible for a tree's roots to grow over time and maybe a tree in your yard has roots that have now gotten too close to your septic system. A root that goes right through the line is going to cause the same issue as flushing the wrong thing. You'll need an expert with specialized equipment to break the root up and repair the septic system.

An Emergency Pump Repair Specialist Can Help

If your septic pump is suddenly struggling, you'll want to respond quickly to the issue. Failure to fix the pump quickly could lead to waste pooling up outside the septic tank and making a mess as well as causing potential property damage. Contact an emergency septic service or plumber near you such as Living Water Pump Service Co., Inc. to locate the source of the issue and get it cleared or repaired as soon as possible.