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Drain Flies And Drain Cleaning: What You Should Know

Drain flies are a common sight around clogged drains that go unused for an extended time. When you spot these tiny, moth-like flies around your home's drains, it's a clear sign that your drains need to be cleaned. Here's what you should know about drain flies and how drain cleaning can help.

Why Are Drain Flies Drawn to Drains?

Drain flies are always in search of areas with stagnant water and plentiful organic matter to use as breeding grounds. Unfortunately, this makes clogged drains a perfect candidate. Decaying oils and fats inside clogged drains make an ideal food source for members of the family Psychodidae.

If you think your home may be beset by drain flies, you can use a simple test to find out in a matter of days. Cover any suspect drains with clear tape or a plastic cup coated with vegetable oil or honey. Check your traps every 24 hours for flies that have gotten stuck.

Can You Prevent Drain Flies?

Drain flies don't bite and aren't known to carry infectious diseases. Despite this, they're certainly an unwelcome guest in your home. Drain flies are small enough to fit through virtually any gap or opening, so fortifying your house against them may seem impossible.

The most effective defense against drain flies is eliminating their potential food sources in your home. Sticking to a schedule of weekly or biweekly drain cleaning will discourage flies from settling down in your drains. Chemical drain cleaners aren't recommended for this, as they can corrode your drain pipes with frequent use. Instead, stick to home remedies for drain maintenance, like boiling water with baking soda and vinegar.

How Can You Get Rid of Drain Flies?

Just as drain cleaning helps to prevent drain flies, it's also the best solution to disrupt existing drain fly infestations. Limited use of chemical cleaners can break down stubborn grime inside neglected drains that are attracting flies. 

Professional drain cleaning tools like hydro jetters and drain augers are even more effective for this purpose. These methods thoroughly remove all fats and oils from the interior walls of your drain pipes. After a professional drain cleaning, it will take much longer for clogs or drain flies to recur.

Don't let drain clogs cause annoying pest problems in your home. Drain cleaning makes it easy to eliminate the problem at its source. Call a plumber today for a quick and effective solution for drain flies and stubborn drain clogs.