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Questions You Should Ask When Renting A Porta Potty

Portable toilet renting is inevitable if you are a large event planner. These toilets might also come in handy for an ongoing construction project. However, you should not rent the toilets blindly. You should ask the right questions to ensure you get the best deal. Here are the questions you need to ask when renting a porta potty.

Is the Company Local?

There is always an advantage when you use the services of a local company. So, when searching for portable toilet suppliers, ensure that you specify your location. You want to ensure the company you choose knows your area well. Besides, local companies will always deliver the toilets and other services promptly. Finally, local companies are always aware of the regulations of setting up rented toilets in your locality.

How Many Units Will Do?

If it's your first time organizing an outdoor event, you may not know how many portable toilet rentals you need. As such, you have to consult with the rental company to get the correct figure. Mobile toilet rental companies are good at approximating the number of porta potties needed in an event. They will just need you to provide information on the event type, the number of guests, and the length of the event. 

Which Amenities Do You Provide?

As much as you want the event to have portable restrooms, you'd also like your guests to feel comfortable. So, assuming you are hosting a wedding or other important events, wouldn't you want the porta potty company to provide extra amenities? That said, you should ask what amenities the company offers before making a decision. 

Most companies are willing to provide hand washing stations, hand sanitizer, mirrors, urinals, ADA-compliant portable toilets, coat hangers, and others.

How Often Will the Company Clean the Toilets?

While you don't have to fret about cleaning the portable toilets, it's good to know how often the company will clean them. Remember, these toilets need to be cleaned just like the standard restrooms. Besides, you don't want your guests using dirty, filthy toilets because they haven't been cleaned. The company should inform you on how often they'll do the cleaning based on the number of attendees and the length of your event.

What Happens If Something Goes Wrong?

As you might know, most parties don't go smoothly, especially when there is a wild crowd. That said, there is a likelihood you'll need emergency services before the party ends. Maybe the compartment has a leak, or it has tipped over. If such incidents happen, you need to be assured that your provider will be available to correct them.