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Septic Maintenance Tips You Should Know

The septic tank system is a crucial part of your home. It allows you to manage your household's waste without worrying about inconveniences. But you have to maintain your septic system to avoid any trouble. So, how do you ensure your septic system remains efficient for a long time? Well, you could start by following these tips.

Pump the Septic System

Pumping is the most efficient way to keep your septic system running efficiently. Unfortunately, homeowners rarely get their tanks pumped unless they notice the signs. By that time, the septic tank will have spilled its contents, or wastewater, and will have backed up into your home. Considering all these adverse effects, you have to invite a septic cleaning company to pump the tank once every three years. You won't have to worry about septic problems if you get the tank pumped often. 

Be Careful With the Chemicals You Use

Most people don't realize that not everything should go down the drain. For instance, septic experts warn against using cleaning products that can harm the useful bacteria in a septic system. Cleaning products that contain bleach are well known for killing good bacteria. You might also want to avoid using drain cleaners as they can damage your septic tank. If a plunger or drain snake fails to work, consider hiring a professional drain cleaning company instead of using harmful chemicals. 

Don't Flush Everything Down the Toilet

Another mistake people make is treating their toilets like trash cans. While the contents will flush without issues, they will cause problems in the future. For instance, hard-to-dissolve tissues, dental floss, hair, diapers, or feminine products take time to dissolve. So, flushing them down the toilet is quite risky. Besides, such products can easily cause nasty clogs in your septic system.

Control Your Water Usage

Cutting your water usage is a septic tank maintenance tip you should also practice. While most people don't realize it, the more water you use, the faster the septic tank fills. So, you should reduce water usage unless you want to overload your system or flood your drain field. This way, your septic system will have enough time to treat the wastewater.

Have the System Inspected

While you practice all these measures, you should also have an expert check your septic system. These inspections will help identify and solve problems early on. At least you won't need to incur huge costs in repairs and replacements. Inspections could also help in preventing problems from happening.

Contact a local septic system service to learn more.