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What To Know About Septic Tank Repair

If you use a septic system to deal with wastewater, you may need to seek out septic tank repair at some point. While your septic system is designed to run without much work on your end, there are times when it will need some additional care and attention. Septic tank repair is best done by professionals and is something you won't want to put off. Here are three things you need to know about residential septic tank repair.

Signs You Need It

The first thing to know about septic tank repair is what signs indicate it's necessary. There are a few signals to watch for that point to problems with your septic tank. If your home's drains are slower than usual, you notice an unpleasant sewage smell emanating from your plumbing, you have frequent backups, or your toilet is slow to flush, your septic tank may be to blame. Anything amiss with your home's plumbing may be traced back to your septic tank. Standing water and sewage odors near your septic tank or drain field are also indicators that repairs are needed.

How Much It Costs

The cost of residential septic tank repair will depend on what's broken and what it will take to fix it—the average residential septic tank repair costs between $750 and $3,000. How much your septic tank costs to repair can also vary depending on the type of system you have. Some septic tank repairs, like replacing a lid, will only cost a few hundred dollars. Other septic tank repairs, like repairing the septic pump, can cost much more. While residential septic tank repair can get expensive, it's typically far cheaper than replacing your septic system.

You Can Prevent The Need For Repairs With Maintenance

While residential septic tank repair can't always be avoided, a few repairs may not be necessary if you keep up with your septic tank maintenance. Septic tank inspections can catch issues before repairs are required and even prevent minor problems from turning into major issues. Failure to pump your septic tank when necessary can also lead to the need for septic tank repair. Keeping up with septic tank pumping will also help keep the need for septic tank repair at bay.

If you have a septic system, here's what to know about septic tank repair. First, knowing what signs indicate septic tank repairs are needed is crucial. Second, residential septic tank repair costs can range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand. Finally, the best way to prevent the need for repairs to your septic tank is by staying on top of maintenance. 

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