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Times When You Didn't Realize You Should Have Your Septic Tank Pumped

When it comes to routine septic system care and maintenance, it's essential that you understand septic tank pumping basics and schedules. The more you understand about dealing with a septic system, the easier it is to know when your septic tank should be pumped. In fact, while most people know that a septic system should be pumped every few years on a consistent schedule, they may not realize that there are a few other times when you should schedule an additional septic tank pumping. Here is a look at a few of those times.

You Just Bought The House

If you've just bought the house, it's in your best interest to have the septic tank pumped right away. Unless you have documentation from the prior owner that they pumped the tank recently, it's important for you to have it done. That way, you start your home ownership with a clean septic tank slate and don't risk running afoul of mistakes that the prior owner might have made.

You've Had A Lot Of Guests

If you recently had an abnormal number of people staying over at your house, whether you welcomed family for the summer or you had a lot of house guests for the holidays, it's important that you understand the stress that this can put on your septic system. When the tank is suddenly put under a load that it's not accustomed to, that can stress the entire septic system. Pumping the tank at the end of the visit can help you prevent costly backups and other problems.

There Was A Flood

If your property suffered a flood and your septic tank and drain field are in the area where it flooded, you'll want to call for a septic tank pumping right away. Remember that flood water soaks into the ground, where it can penetrate your septic tank. This could cause your septic system to overflow, especially since it isn't meant to handle that much liquid all at once. Have the tank pumped by a septic pumping service as soon as possible to protect the tank, the drain field, and the rest of your plumbing infrastructure.

These are a few of the most common situations when a septic tank should be pumped even if it isn't time to do so. The extra pumping appointment is an important one to help preserve the integrity of your plumbing system and avoid exposure to septic waste that can contaminate your property, the water table, and more.