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Four Indicators Of Plumbing Problems That Require Drain Cleaning

Drain cleaning is a thorough process that clears blockages and gunk and buildup from your drain pipes and becomes necessary when your pipes start draining more slowly, making strange noises, or emitting foul smells. Professional drain cleaning can restore your pipes' efficiency, helping you avoid having to make extensive replacements and repairs.

Pipes Making Strange Noises 

For the most part, your pipes should not make much noise even when water is passing through them. If your pipes start making strange sounds, however, this could be a sign that something is causing a blockage or an increase in water pressure.

One common sound is a bubbling or gurgling sound. This can sometimes be the result of clogged drain vents, but if your vents are clean, the best explanation is that there's a blockage somewhere in your pipes.

If you notice this issue from multiple drains, the problem is likely more than just a simple clog. In older pipes, one cause of this problem is a buildup of sediment and gunk, which reduces the size of your pipes. This can affect the water pressure in your pipes, causing them to make strange noises whenever you flush a toilet or drain a sink or bath. Drain cleaning can remove this gunk even far down the pipes, which makes this a good option for your whole home.

Water Draining Slowly

Beyond strange noises, you might also notice that liquids drain more slowly down your drains. This will be most noticeable from drains closest to your home's sewer line or that are close to the ground, such as drains in bathtubs. When typical methods of trying to clear clogs don't work, this could indicate the problem is something larger, like a buildup of sediment.

One indicator that this is the issue is if you notice this problem consistently and with multiple drains in your house. Some methods of trying to clear drains on your own, such as using chemicals, can be damaging to your pipes, so contact a plumber to ask about their drain cleaning services.

Odors Coming From Water or Drains

Another sign of pipes that need cleaning is nasty smells coming from your drains. A buildup of gunk can encourage bacterial growth, which in turn often emits a gas called hydrogen sulfide, which smells like rotten eggs. This gas can be toxic, and at the very least creates a foul smell that should be gotten rid of. Drain cleaning can get rid of the buildup of gunk causing this odor even deep down within your pipes.

Deep Line Clog Symptoms

Pipes that need cleaning often cause problems similar to that of a deep sewer line clog. Some examples are slow draining, bubbling, and overflowing toilets, and more frequent backups in drains across your house. Sometimes this can be caused by something like toilet paper, paper towels, or hygiene products blocking drain water, but when it's not an isolated issue, having your drains professionally cleaned is your best option at restoring your pipes' ability to drain everything quickly and smoothly.