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5 Critical Grease Trap Services For Restaurants

Grease traps are used to reduce the amount of oil and other pollutants in wastewater, preventing them from polluting local water sources. Often found in commercial kitchens, these appliances subsist as long as their services remain in demand. However, when a grease trap begins to operate ineffectively due to age or malfunctioning parts, it is important that action be taken in order to maintain safe and healthy working conditions.

The following five critical grease trap services should be performed before any issues arise:


The purpose of flushing a grease trap is to clear out accumulated solids and debris such as food scraps and paper towels, which can result in clogs and overflow if left unchecked. This process should always take place after regular use, but can also be done on a monthly basis in order to maintain optimal performance. All you need to do is hire a professional grease trap cleaning service.

Preventative Maintenance

As with any household appliance, grease traps should be inspected regularly for signs of wear or tear. This may go unnoticed if the unit has not been serviced since its purchase, especially when there are no visible physical damages. If not maintained in this fashion, sewer lines and nearby water sources can become contaminated due to broken parts, faulty drainage systems, and other issues.

Professional Cleaning

Grease traps require regular cleaning in order to operate properly. Doing so yourself can potentially damage certain parts of the unit or result in improper assembly which will affect its function. A service provider will have the necessary equipment and tools for this job and are able to complete it in a timely manner, ensuring that the grease trap is in good working condition.

Anti-Siphon Testing

The anti-siphon device on grease traps should be tested regularly to ensure proper function. This helps ensure that only wastewater enters the unit and prevents it from being exposed to dangerous gasses which can cause major health issues. If this part has been corroded due to exposure to liquids or other factors, it needs to be replaced immediately by a professional service provider.


While inspecting your grease trap may seem like an unnecessary step, it is important for the sake of safety and peace of mind. As mentioned before, certain parts can become damaged without showing visual signs until damage becomes severe enough to disrupt the grease trap's function. If you notice any issues, contact a professional service provider immediately to rectify the situation.

By following these five critical grease trap services, you can ensure that your business remains compliant with local laws while maintaining a clean environment for its customers and employees. However, if you do begin to see signs of trouble with your unit, contact an experienced professional service provider immediately. They will be able to assess the situation and handle any emergencies which may arise.