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Preventative Maintenance Steps That Can Help Your Septic System Last Longer

Taking good care of your septic system involves more than just making sure your tank is regularly pumped. Optional filtration systems, regular inspections, and understanding what can pose risks of damage to your valuable components can help your septic system last much longer.

Install/Replace Your Septic Filter

A septic filter isn't necessary to have a functioning septic system, but it can have a noticeable impact on its longevity. A septic filter works by making sure that no sludge gets into your leach field. Your leach field is meant for liquids only, and it lets liquid absorb harmlessly out into nearby soil. If this clogs, the liquid will have nowhere to go, causing your tank to fill up much more quickly. While sludge normally sinks to the bottom of your tank, some can get carried along with liquids going to your leach field.

Having a filter installed can help prevent your leach field, which is one of your system's most important components, from getting clogged up. This filter can be replaced every few years, so when you're scheduled for your next tank pumping service, make sure your filter is inspected and replaced if necessary.

Keep an Eye on Plant Growth

Plants and trees with deep-growing roots can be dangerous for septic systems. If there are any plants growing near your tank, drain pipe, or leach field, keep an eye on them to make sure they don't start getting too big. Most roots grow shallow, but even this is sometimes enough to start breaking and clogging pipes. It can help to know the species of plants that are growing in your area to get an idea as to what their root zones are.

When in doubt, a septic professional can take a closer look by inspecting your plumbing system to see if there is any sign of root damage. They can also make recommendations on what to do about plants that may be growing too close for comfort.

Get a Thorough Inspection

Giving your septic system a thorough inspection every few years, especially if it's starting to get old, can be invaluable. This can help you find possible problems before they get much worse. For example, a leak in your tank, a drain field that's starting to clog, or a septic drain pipe that is clogging up with scale may not be immediately noticeable with everyday use, but with time, it can become major and expensive problems.

Septic professionals can inspect your tank after pumping to make sure it's in good shape and point out any areas that could potentially become a problem later on. They can also clear out any drain pipes and even use a small camera to inspect them from within. If you've had any recent plumbing issues, like more frequent pipe clogging, this is a good time to mention them in case they could be related to a septic system problem.

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