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Why You Might Prefer Pipe Bursting Over Pipe Lining When You Need To Replace Your Sewer Line

When you need to replace your sewer line, the sewer repair professional may recommend a trenchless method so your yard doesn't have to be dug up. There are two options in trenchless sewer repair. One is to pull a liner in the old pipe and the other is to bust up the pipe and pull a new pipe through the ground.

Each has its advantages and in some circumstances, one method may be better than the other. They have similar price points, so if you get to decide between the two, you might prefer pipe bursting. Here's why.

Pipe Bursting Is Fast

Pipe bursting is a quick form of sewer repair. It entails busting up the old pipe with a bursting head so the old pipe falls out of the way. A new pipe is behind the bursting head, and it's immediately pulled into place where the ends can be connected to your sewer line.

There is no need for a long trench, so pipe bursting is not disruptive. However, busting the pipe underground could cause some ground movement, especially in softer soils.

A New Pipe Means No Loss Of Diameter

A potential problem with pulling a liner through the old pipe is that when the liner has cured inside the old pipe, the diameter of the pipe decreases. This problem is eliminated with pipe bursting since the old pipe is broken apart and a new pipe of the same diameter or even larger can be pulled through.

If you've had problems with slow drains and frequent clogs, you may want to talk to the sewer repair contractor about putting a larger pipe in when the repairs are done so wastewater flows more rapidly away from your home.

Pipe Bursting Often Works When A Liner Won't

Some damaged sewer lines are not suitable for liner repairs. For instance, if part of the line is crumbled or collapsed, it might not be possible to pull the liner through. In that case, pipe bursting might be the only solution.

Pipe bursting pulls a fully formed and flexible pipe through the ground. A liner turns into a pipe too, but it is more of a patch for the inside of an old pipe that is still mostly intact. If pipe bursting or lining is the most suitable sewer repair, your contractor will let you know.

The contractor has to evaluate your sewer line's condition and placement as well as the soil above the line when determining if pipe bursting is right for you. Whether you choose pipe bursting or pipe lining, you'll reap the benefits of less yard disruption and lower labor costs by avoiding digging up the entire line to replace it.

Contact a local sewer repair service to learn more about your options.