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Consequences Of Not Getting Timely Septic Tank Pumping Services

Does your home have a septic system? If so, you need to get routine septic tank pumping. Some homeowners assume that their septic systems are in good working order without getting septic inspections. Unfortunately, this approach does not address problems as they happen. At some point, every septic tank will need to get pumped to avoid serious issues from occurring. The following points identify potential consequences of skipping septic tank pumping service appointments. 

Drainfield Issues

If the septic tank on a property is not pumped, the end result could be a spillage of untreated waste in the drainfield. Unfortunately, the spillage may contain untreated solid waste, which should never enter drainfields. It can interfere with the performance of a drainfield and wreak havoc on it and the surrounding area. The issue could even make it mandatory to get a new drainfield.

Foul Odors

If you notice a foul odor and have not had your septic tank pumped in a while, you should treat the matter as an emergency. A septic system inspection can determine if there are issues with this system. Keep in mind that the odors could be coming from a neighbor who has also neglected to get their tank pumped. These odors emit when septic tanks have overflowed or are full. If there is untreated waste that makes its way to the drainfield, this phenomenon can also occur. Well-maintained septic systems generally do not emit foul odors. To avoid all these problems, make sure to enlist septic tank pumping services. 

Septic System Damage

A neglected septic system can become overwhelmed. The waste in a full septic tank cannot properly exit the system through pipes. This can lead to cracked pipes and damage elsewhere in the system. Some homeowners postpone septic tank pumping in an effort to save money. However, systems with severe damage will likely cost more to amend than the cost of properly maintaining the system.

Septic System Back-Up

This is likely one of the most serious consequences of neglecting septic tank pumping. Waste can back up into pipes and get clogged within them. The waste can overflow into a home and cost significant damage. The hazardous waste will need to get cleaned by professionals to ensure safety and to prevent mold growth. Again, the costs associated with the cleanup and making repairs to the septic system will likely exceed what it would cost to keep a consistent septic tank pumping schedule. To learn more, contact a septic tank pumping service