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3 Signs You Need to Service Your Septic Pump

There is a pump inside your septic tank that helps move waste from the tank to the drainfield. This pump plays an integral role in maintaining the health of your septic system. Should the pump malfunction, serious problems that would require costly repairs could develop within your septic system.

If you can recognize when your septic pump needs to be serviced, you will be able to avoid major problems in the future.

1. Strange Noises Inside the Septic Tank

One easy way to monitor the performance of your septic pump is to listen for any strange noises coming from your septic tank. When a pump is operating efficiently, you shouldn't be able to hear it moving waste through your septic tank. If you hear a chugging, whirring, or whining sound coming from your septic tank, these are signs that your pump is in distress. An experienced septic professional will be able to diagnose the problem and repair your pump to preserve the integrity of your septic system over time.

2. Backed-Up Drains in Your Home

Solid materials are supposed to remain inside your septic tank while the tank's pump moves liquid waste into the drainfield for disposal. When a pump begins to malfunction, solid and liquid waste are trapped inside your septic tank. This causes your tank to fill up too quickly, and waste can begin to back up into the drains inside your home. You should contact a septic technician as soon as you notice any backed-up drains so that your pump can be serviced and the efficient processing of waste within your septic system restored.

3. Burning Smell From the Septic Tank

No one wants to think about the types of odors that can be found in a septic tank, but paying attention to these smells can actually help you monitor the health of your septic pump over time. The motor within a septic pump must work hard to move waste every day. It's not uncommon for these motors to burn out as a result of overuse. A burned-out pump motor will cause a burning odor to come from your tank. As soon as you detect this burning smell, you should have a septic technician inspect your pump to determine if the motor has failed.

A new pump can be installed to restore the efficiency of your septic system if your existing one has a burned-out motor. Contact local septic services if you have questions about your pump.