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Three Common Types Of Water Well Repair Services You Should Know About

A water well installation is an ideal investment that caters to your water supply needs, especially if you live in an arid area or don't have access to municipal or county water supply lines. 

However, once you have a water well installed, you need to conduct maintenance services on it to enjoy the water it provides. Nonetheless, over time, a water well is bound to encounter several issues that may affect the availability of water or the quality of well water you get.

Some of the issues are as a result of poor or lack thereof proper maintenance. However, some of the problems occur due to natural factors that you have no control over. Hence, to learn more about the different types of well repair services, you might need to keep reading.

Pump Repair

Pump issues are among the most common problems that warrant the need to hire water well repair services. There are several types of water well pumps utilized in commercial and residential settings. However, as time passes, it is natural for the pump to encounter various issues such as components wearing out, sediment accumulation, etc.

When your pump starts to malfunction, it will give you several signs such as:

• Reduced water pressure

• Inconsistent water supply

• Over cycling

• Producing strange noises

When you realize any of the above signs in your water well pump, it is advisable to call a water well repair contractor to look at it.

Fixing Reduced Water Well Yield

A water well gets constructed on top of an aquifer. Thus, the well has to have a porous casing that allows water to get drawn from the aquifer and deposited into the well to get pumped to the house. However, after a long time, the porous nature of the well's casing can get compromised by incrustation and bio-fouling.

Incrustation refers to calcium and iron minerals getting deposited in the casing pores to the extent that they prevent water from entering the well. On the other hand, bio-fouling is when bacteria and iron minerals accumulate inside the walls of the well, forming a viscous substance that blocks the casing pores.

In both scenarios, the ability of water to seep through the casing gets reduced, and thus, you will start to notice that the well does not provide as much water as it used to. Hence, when you see a reduction in yield, it is essential to call a water well repair contractor to fix it.

Damaged Casing Repair

A casing is a material used to support the walls of the well after it has been dug. Thus, the casing is responsible for preventing the well from collapsing on itself and sieving out excess soil, sand, or clay from the water. However, as time passes, it is common for the casing to get damaged in various ways, such as cracking.

When the casing is damaged/cracked, it can no longer sieve out soil and sand. Thus, you will start to notice excessive amounts of impurities such as dirt and sand in your well water. Additionally, your water filter will need to be replaced more often because of excessive dirt and sand.

If the casing is not fixed promptly, it will continue to deteriorate, and in the worst-case scenario, it could eventually lead to the well collapsing. Hence, if you ever notice these signs, you need to call a water well repair contractor as soon as possible.

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