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What Is Causing The Septic Tank To Back Up?

Is your toilet unusable because the septic tank has backed up? There are several causes for a septic tank backup. A septic tank backup is a nasty problem that needs emergency septic system repair. It is a health hazard, smells bad, and makes the house inhabitable. So what causes septic tank back up, and how is it fixed?

Clogged Grease 

Melted grease goes down the plumbing and turns into hard clogs further down the line. Grease clogging is gradual and affects the whole plumbing and septic system. It hardens in the pipes, the clogs growing and narrowing the pipes until they are completely blocked.  

Grease coagulates in the septic tank, forming an impermeable layer on top, also called a grease cap. It slows down the anaerobic breakdown in the tank, making the tank overflow and back up. Septic system repair services inspect for clogs in the pipes and grease capping in the septic tank. They will unclog piping to clear clogs. Then, they break the grease cap using special enzymes. 

Flooded Drain field 

If the drain field is flooded, the water in the septic tank has nowhere to go, so it causes the septic tank to back up. Flooding happens in drain fields that were not situated properly, like in a dip or very flat ground. An extended rainy season or a big storm dumps water faster than the ground can soak up. 

The long-term solution for a flooding drain field is relocation because the problem will recur whenever it floods. However, the septic system repair service can dig a drainage trench to lead the water away from the drain field and septic tank in the short term.

Insoluble Objects 

Insoluble objects in the septic tank make it fill up and back up. One common mistake that causes this damage is dumping sandy water into the plumbing after washing the house. As a result, the sand particles build up in the tank.

Cleaning and personal care products also kill the bacteria in the septic tank, making it inefficient in breaking down organic solids. Bleach and antibacterial soaps are the most common causes of this type of damage. 

A septic system repair service can pump out a septic tank to clear insoluble objects. They can also replace the bacteria and special enzymes if the septic tank has become inefficient. They will also advise you on what products to use and which to avoid. 

Is your septic tank constantly backing up? Talk to septic tank repair services about a long-term solution for the problem.