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Protecting Your Property: 4 Signs You Need Septic Pumping

Most homeowners are guilty of ignoring their septic tanks. But who can blame them when the septic tank sits silently underneath the lawn? However, ignoring your septic tank needs can cause detrimental problems to your health, environment, plumbing system, and property. For this reason, you might want to include regular septic pumping into your home maintenance checklist.

So, how do you tell it's time to call in the experts to pump your septic and extend its lifespan?

1. Frequently Clogged Drains

Although clogged drains may signal other issues such as obstructions along the sewer lines, they could also indicate an overfilled septic tank. This not only applies to the kitchen and bathroom sinks but also the toilets. For instance, you may notice that the toilet flushes slower than usual. However, before you attempt to remedy the situation and possibly make everything worse, consider calling the experts for help. They will inspect your home to confirm your suspicions and pump your tank.

2. Wastewater Backup

Sewage is notorious for causing health hazards and property damage when it finds its way out of the septic tank and sewer lines. When the tank starts to overflow, sewage may be forced out through the toilet and sink in the house.

If you notice sewer backup in your sink and toilet, you should take action quickly. Sewer backup often leaves an unpleasant smell that is hard to ignore. As such, you need to involve professionals.

3. Standing Water in Your Lawn

Another warning sign that you have to pump your septic tank immediately is if there is standing water around your yard. There may be a few puddles that hardly seem to dry up. The problem becomes more apparent when accompanied by a foul smell.

The problem is even worse when the leaking wastewater comes into contact with your water lines and poses health hazards. If left untreated, the water may also cause water damage to your home's foundation and lower its integrity. In this instance, contact a septic pumping company. 

4. The Lawn Over the Drain Field Is Unusually Healthy

Normally, your lawn should have an even green, including the region sitting above your drain field. When the tank begins to overspill, the area beneath gets nourished with constant water and nutrients from the seeping wastewater. This should be a call for concern. When the region above the drain field becomes too green compared to other regions, you might want to call the experts to inspect and pump the septic tank.

The earlier you take action, the higher your chances of preventing property damage, sicknesses, and destruction of the tank. Have you noticed any of these signs above? Perhaps it's time to call the professionals. Contact a septic pumping company for more information.