Consequences тест масел для автомобилей According to research on individual level, being a NEET can cause  these youngsters to face  huge economic consequences and future wage penalties. The psychological consequences are major: NEET Youth often face psychological distress, alienation and often risky behaviors (feeling of loneliness, anxiety, depression, health disorders, involvement in abuse of substances, early aged parents or even crime).

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через сколько дней присяга после призыва 2017 NEET Youth are considered to show low levels of political and social engagement and low trust in institutions and society. NEETs are also very expensive: 153 billion euros per year in lost economic revenue which is  1.2% of the European GDP.

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Factors that lead to NEET

Family background

What’s NEET

как убрать точки на руках The future of Europe depends upon millions of Europeans aged between 15 and 29. It is a matter of great concern that this young people have been hit so hard by the economic crisis. The unemployment figures testify to a labor market becoming more difficult for young people. Since the start of the recession, youth unemployment has risen by 1.5 million. модные кардиганы вязаные спицами схемы фото  

терминологический педагогический словарь One of the most vulnerable groups in the context of youth unemployment is that of young people Not in Employment, Education or Training (NEET). Nowadays, 1 out of 6 young people in Europe , sis at risk of   disengagement  from society and marginalization.

Factors that lead to NEET

Individual characteristics

Together for NEET распоряжениеоб утверждении нормативов потребления коммунальных услуг
This project is an initiative undertaken by a consortium of 10 partners(AL, BG, GR, XK, MK, MNE, PL, ROU, RS, TR) with the aim to foster the social and economic inclusion of NEET Youth by capitalizing on cross-sectoral strategic cooperation.

Our Project